Friday, September 25, 2009

Viewing PreExecute script errors in RedDot CMS

One problem I have always encountered with RedDot is debugging the pre-executed script blocks.  Fortunately Gavin Cope came up with this superb solution which also has the benefit of moving the pre-executed files out of the main RedDot folder.


I have added to Gavin's work by:
  1. Writing the error to a HTML file so it can be viewed easily in the browser
  2. Adding a page with a list of all the error files in the logs folder

To create a HTML file for the error change the call to WriteToFile with the code below. Note, I have also changed the path for the PreExecute folder.

For the list of errors create a new file in the PreExecute folder called ErrorList.asp and paste in the following script

Again, thanks to Gavin for a great bit of lateral thinking which make template development much simpler.

Now if someone can create a plug-in so we can create templates in something other than a web browser, that would be superb.