Saturday, February 12, 2011

IIS application pool and domain indentites

Follow these steps to specify and non standard identity for an IIS application pool. For this example I will use the account domain\WebUser
  1. In Administrative tools open the Local Security Policy program. And find the Log on as service policy in Local Policies, User Rights Assignment. Click properties and add the user domain\WebUser
  2. Open Windows explorer and go to C:\Windows\Temp. Open the Sharing and Security and add the user to the security tab. Grant the user enough rights to read and write files
  3. Open a command prompt and change to c:\windows\\Framework\v2.0.50722. Run aspnet_regiis.exe -GA domain\WebUser
  4. In IIS open the properties of the application pool and go to the identity tab. Click Configurable and enter the username and password.