Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Viewing .Net Debug messages

Back when I wrote a lot of ASP my best debugging tool was Response.Write and like most people I had functions to help me handle all the information. Back to the present day and the .Net framework moved on from echoing information to the response stream but every now this method still has its uses. Take my recent example of writing a HttpModule, this code runs inside the .Net pipepline and fires various events. When I deployed it to a test server I wanted to find out when events fired and what isntances were initiated. To help me .Net has the System.Diagnostics namespace so I can write:
Debug.WriteLine("Post Authorize event has fired");
Great, but how do I view all this debugging? I could have logged it, but I wanted a nice simple solution so I used DebugView, part of the SysInternals suite.

This clever program will display anything written to the DefaultTraceListener, plus it can connect to a remote computer.


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