Sunday, September 23, 2012

SQL Baseline has joined the ChuckNorris Framework

I am very pleased to say that Rob and Dru have added my SQL Baseline tool to the Chuck Norris Framework. As part of SQL Baseline’s inauguration it has been renamed as PoweruP to fit alongside the likes of RoundhousE, DropkicK and WarmuP. The project has been moved over and can be found here.

I created PoweruP to help me configure RoundhousE to manage a number of existing databases. This is not an easy task and can be a barrier which stops people trying out RoundhousE as is shown by this conversation

This is a shame because once RoundhousE is setup it greatly increases development speed, it is simple to maintain and brings database development inline with application coding. What can stop people using it, is the need to extract all the stored procedures, views, functions, etc, from the database. With one command PoweruP will scaffold a new RoundhousE project from an existing database. Plus It will create the scripts and put them in the default RoundhousE folder structure. For a more detailed explanation see this post.

I am very pleased for PoweruP to be part of the Chuck Norris framework. I hope it will help more development teams to get started using RoundhousE because it is the best tool I have found for managing changes to the database schema.


Eric Lee said...

Thanks for publishing this tool, it was very helpful!

ahajjat said...

I have a question for you.
Does PoweruP generate a dependency tree or deployment order?